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Programme for Research-Development-Innovation
for Space Technology and Advanced Research - STAR

84/ 2013

     Coordination organisation:
National Institute for Earth Physics


     Partener organisation:
S.C. Geotec Consulting s.r.l.

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General Description
Phase 1 - 2013
Phase 2 - 2014
Phase 3 - 2015
Phase 4 - 2016

      Multidisciplinary complex system for  monitoring clouds, aerosols and solar  radiation in correlation with Vrancea seismic activity

Project manager: Victorin-Emilian TOADER, asyst@asystech.ro

       Short description of the project

    The project plans to monitor and analyze atmospheric aerosols, ions, clouds and solar radiation in relationship with environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, variations of the telluric currents, variations of the local magnetic field and infrasound, variations of the atmospheric electrostatic field, variations in the earth crust with inclinometers, electromagnetic and seismic activity, animal behavior). Many examples indicate a relationship between earthquakes and aerosols density or clouds formations and sky color. Solar radiation and earthquakes means energy that affects the telluric currents, the radio waves propagation and generally the ionosphere. The EarthCare (ESA’s cloud, aerosol and radiation mission) will complete the data obtained by ground monitoring system from the project. Atmospheric layers behave like “lenses” with variable properties because they depend on atmospheric phenomena, solar and earth radiation. Air ionization and solar radiation monitoring, in correlation with global and local environmental factors (including seismic zones), is a new approach for atmospheric study in our area.